Criddler on the boof

The moon and the stars
Those distant howls from behind bars 

Subtle morning dew forming atop cars 

If you listen you can hear the city yawn 

The slow screech of the metro I travel 

Beneath as it gradually glides to a halt 

Sliding around corners with no fault

I was born into the night by sheer default

Brought up in the dark 

With an extra grain of salt 

1970 Dodge Coronet

Stuck in my thoughts, you’re in the middle of my crosswalk. You won’t move, but you’re not stayin’. In my lane I’m swervin’ to avoid this head on collision with German engineered machining and precision. The thought of you drives my pistons, warming them up for the long distance, getting it hot leaving nothing to chance. Right there between the lines under the red lights seeing if I’ll anticipate the drop of your dime, right there on your line, burning rubber waiting for your green. Light changes and the frame cringes with the force of this acceleration, fuel injectors pumping, combustion proceeds increasing the speeds. Then I look up, and you’re still right in front of me, all this effort and I’m yet to surpass thee. 


Something corny 

Makes me often feel horny

I got lost in your flurry

Taking clothes off in a hurry 

Don’t know where to go

But I know what I know 

You’re all I want to know

I can’t read enough 

Can’t get enough

Could write a billion pages 

Book reports and essays 

Maybe even a screen play 

I’ll forget what to say 

If I don’t write it down today 

In key strokes I can relay 

All things come to mind 

Effortlessly push rewind

On a piece of paper

Digital or in the real

My face transmits 

The stokes of the pen hit

Quick san cend dead mans 

Old wise guys 

Buried miles deep

I hear their questions in my sleep 

Do I slumber or 

Stop and take another number 

Cause I’ve got 




And more 

At my discount mattress store 

My answers get hairy 

And some guy shouts

You’re killing me Larry 




Don’t admit defeat 

Take a breather 

You’re light as a feather 

No matter whether 

Or not 

You’re touch runs hot

The slaughter

Somebody’s daughter 

Could make me into a father 

I fathom 

That my cannon 

Is much for you 

To imagine 

A weapon of mass creation 

Mutually assuring destruction 

Fire in every direction 

From what I’ve gathered 

I’ve got quite 

A selection

Of lines 

And rhymes 

To take up

My time

Is long

Which is why

I don’t




Wet eyed observing the struggle and the hurting. Searching for reasons for this humanitarian treason. What is it about man that makes him feel so superlative in his ignorance, is it his lack of empathy for something he cannot be, or is he just full of envy and frustrated sexually? Why must man take what is not his, assault when he is at fault, and abuse just to feel a ruse. When did morality and compassion become replaced by brutality and oppression? When did our gender begin to define our splendor? Where did we become separated from one another and knocked out of synchronization? Is it the fact that in our society, the woman is worth less than a man, or the fact that the powers that be have the means to keep us blinded and bound to where we can’t make a sound? Is it the dick between his legs, or the dick within his mind telling him to fuck everything and anything for capital gain? Why is it so hard to refrain from purposely causing pain, in the search of personal gain? Is it capitalism, consumerism, religion, or just some disgusting decision, to violate something that brought you into this world. Not only did a woman breathe life into man, nurture man, love and cherish man, but she is man, she is woman, she is life. Who is man to decide what a woman can and can’t do, be or can’t be. Without them there is no us, with out us there is no them. We are all in this together, this is our mess to clean up. This is our image of society that needs shaping up. This is our problem, and collectively we are the solution. Set aside your differences, your faith, your political preference, and your greed. I beg all of you please, not just to appease, but to understand the needs, and see it the means, not to an end, but a new beginning. A beginning to the end of sexism, racism, and separation. 

Shorthaired Girl

As you pulled on my hair I could feel I was almost there. 

When your made me stop I knew exactly your thought. 

Just when I thought I wasn’t deep enough I reached the cusp. 

As you dug into my back I reached for a grasp you said give it a slap. 

With a smack and a thrust I gained a little trust. 

From the back there was no slack and with a firm grip I set and dip. 

I was your dancer and you were my singer I was wrapped in your fingers. 

With a kiss you left goodbye I saw the gratification in your eye. 

A vague vagrant 

A seemingly sane seamstress on a rusty steamliner. A pair of worn out shoes in a run down diner. The pitiful embrace of a cheesy one liner. Ending up drunk, fighting, left with my left eye a shiner. The stars begin to fade. I wake up shake off the spade and skip out on their parade. Seemingly mean green and overly lean. Down a black back alley smack dab in the middle of crack town. Approached by a roach pulling up in a coach while I choke on his smoke like I inhale is crooked joke. Further I blunder some somber others intent to bother. Studying decay the bygone left for dead nearly undead with cement feathered heads full of dreads sorrows woven in their clothes you can feel it in your toes. I have no clue what can I do but to accept reality change of mentality act unaccordingly to seemingly insane rhetorically mundane membranes in love with war and the games. The lakers and the raiders the golden west on fault certainly in default defiantly compliant tired retired re-hires for hire. Fell in love with a dove skewed ideas of what’s up above my hand didn’t fit that glove with a shove I nudge wiggle and budge on budget with a nugget. Filling up the blanks of an empty tank left rank feeling blank. Restraint is lost when the coins are tossed triple tied and double crossed all losses don’t add up to the cost frozen dry with a wet defrost that you exchanged for a behemoth too bad your squeamish.

All balls no brawn.

Slim as a cigarette

Stature nothing too significant 

Wide as a whale 

With no wind in your sails 

Clumsy as a drunk 

Certainly sober like skunk

Say what I mean

Spray what I say

Do what I want 

During the down and distraught 

I’m not what you thought 

Increasingly not what I know

And now it’s come to show 

At prime time right on the spot 

Without God on Our Side

My name it means nothing
My race it means less
The country I live in
Is called the U.S.
I was roughed up and taught there
Strange laws to abide
And that the land that I live in
Has lost God from its side

The history books tell it
They tell it so well
The trade ships shored
The Africans enslaved
With manifest destiny
The Indians were slayed
Their armies marched
And their opponents died
The country was dumb then
Without God on its side

The Russian – American
Was had its day
Vietnam too
Was soon laid to waste
The names of the victims
I’ve sought to memorize
Chemicals in their bodies
With God on their side

Desert Storm, too boys
It closed our fate
Their reasons for fighting
Only of greed and to hate
I will never accept it
I dissent with pride
For you remember the dead
Without God on their side

The invasion of Islam
Has still to find its end
They freed the kurds
And tried to give them land
A murdered three hundred thousand
Gassed outside with pride
And now with autonomy
The kurds now too
Have God on their side

They’ve said to hate Muslims
Throughout my whole life
‘Said their oil we needed
A pseudo democracy’s shattered
And the innocent die
If another war starts
It’ll end the human race
And they won’t stop their pace
With God on their side

Now we’ve got weapons
Of nuclear death
If fire them we must
It’ll be our last breath
One push of a button
The means to an end
The whole world will know then
If we’ve got God on our side

Through many witching hour
My mind has succumbed
A New World Order
I’ve come to confess
I won’t think for you
You’ll have to decide
To hang the politicians
Or fight amongst them
With God on your side

So as I lay breathing
In this chemical hell
The thoughts that I’m thinking
I’ve now gotten to tell
The world is sinking
I hope the bombs don’t fall
To those who survive
You’ll have God on your side

So hear what I ask you
Hear it so well
Stand up and fight
With no violence in sight
Hold firm and stand strong
Together we all belong
For if God’s on our side
Well stop us from war

Dear Mother,

           Another year gone and past. We’re another year older, and to you I’m only growing closer. Things you’ve taught me, a lifetime they will last. I know it probably seems like I’m growing up too fast. I feel like it was just yesterday, you were teaching me what words to say. With your permission, out with friends I would play. I remember everytime I would wake up after surgery, right there you’d be, sitting right beside me. You’re the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky you are my mother. I love you with every breath I make.

With eternal love,
Your son,


           I have no doubt of my feelings toward you. If I could shout, your name to the heavens, I’d scream at eleven. No decibel can measure, the pleasure to be by your side.
           Your touch is the slide of an electric guitar, howling under the moon, hoping to see you again soon. You’re a deadly flower so beautifully in bloom. Taken my heart from its somber tomb. Your kiss of death has soothed my wounds.
           Tu eres la Morena de mi corazon. So many things I can’t wait for you to be shown. If I had a cover, by now it’d be long gone. God damn these feelings are strong. Turkish coffee accompanied by a spliff of Moroccan hashish strong.
            I can see me and you, growing on a farm. A patch of wisdom, a field of love, a marsh of leftwing ideals, an Orchard of culture, and a lake of fire, where we burn our fears.
           So come near my dear. By my side, your fears will soon dissappear. I could be a queer, but for you I’m straight as a steer. Meat I promise to stand clear. So the future idren can persevere.