Sit down stand up

I’m what you can call
A stand up guy.
Meaning I’m always stood up
Left standing here.
Alone, waiting, wondering.
Forgotten and let down,
I try not to frown.
All the while making jokes like a clown.
I try not to let it get me down.
But any day I could be found,
Below ground with no sound.
I’ve drowned in sorrow.
Unable to breathe,
I beg of you please.
Don’t let me down,
In this shameful town.
I know no better.
The ground becomes wetter,
As I turn light as a feather.
I ponder weather or not you,
You mean what you say.
Or if I am to pay,
For the wrongs I’ve committed,
In the absence of repentance.
Maybe it’s time I start a new.
A new chapter full of laughter.
But I doubt her,
I doubt him,
I doubt all of them.
My only voice is here through this pen.
Is it really that easy,
To forget what you said?
Even with this life I have led,
Many would kill to give such,
Opportunities to the ones they loved.
All the while prayers,
To the man up stairs,
Go forever unheard.


Undesired relations in an udesignated medium for thought and process.
All the while maintaining perfect sincerity in every action and a surplus of emotion in every reaction
with the imperfect balance of stupidity and wisdom. I thought I would be able to find solstice in your kingdom, instead I found something quite profound. As I sit
disconnected from the ground I’ve conjured up the courage and purpose to confess. My distaste for things gone to waste. The ways I will try to erase the imprints, from the caress of your fingertips. Time to allow logos to determine next where I shall go. For pathos has brought me thus far, the result not being to my appeal. For I have already given up so much of myself in that aspect.
I do not wish to deflect any feelings you might detect. For you I will respect in every aspect. I wonder and I ponder while I let my mind wander through flooded sheets lingering with hints of you. I should have known from traits shown that a cover would be blown, and the trail home a light shone.

Waits at Your Gaits

I came home and got lost.
My compass was way off.
I wandered this way to avoid the frost.
When you fell into my life,
I wondered once how much this was going to cost.
With you I started fresh.
A new chapter with a new test.
I confess I’m a love drunk wandering through life as a punk so far I’ve sunk.
I was torn and full of thorns.
Subconsciously smiling under two horns.
Then a queen came my way,
And what she had to say.
Was “There is only so much of you I can have in one day.”
Too much and I’ll run away.
Far from here with a new game to play.
I’m a queen and you’re just supposed to be a fling, not fight your way up to become my king.
With your voice you can barely sing.
I can’t here you when my telephone rings.
So I cut it all off and began anew.
A full beard I have grown,
Just to get close to you.
Things I thought I once knew,
Out the window they flew.
Into the soil, where your mind provided.
The essential oils and minerals,
And I mean that in the literal.