Waits at Your Gaits

I came home and got lost.
My compass was way off.
I wandered this way to avoid the frost.
When you fell into my life,
I wondered once how much this was going to cost.
With you I started fresh.
A new chapter with a new test.
I confess I’m a love drunk wandering through life as a punk so far I’ve sunk.
I was torn and full of thorns.
Subconsciously smiling under two horns.
Then a queen came my way,
And what she had to say.
Was “There is only so much of you I can have in one day.”
Too much and I’ll run away.
Far from here with a new game to play.
I’m a queen and you’re just supposed to be a fling, not fight your way up to become my king.
With your voice you can barely sing.
I can’t here you when my telephone rings.
So I cut it all off and began anew.
A full beard I have grown,
Just to get close to you.
Things I thought I once knew,
Out the window they flew.
Into the soil, where your mind provided.
The essential oils and minerals,
And I mean that in the literal.


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