Undesired relations in an udesignated medium for thought and process.
All the while maintaining perfect sincerity in every action and a surplus of emotion in every reaction
with the imperfect balance of stupidity and wisdom. I thought I would be able to find solstice in your kingdom, instead I found something quite profound. As I sit
disconnected from the ground I’ve conjured up the courage and purpose to confess. My distaste for things gone to waste. The ways I will try to erase the imprints, from the caress of your fingertips. Time to allow logos to determine next where I shall go. For pathos has brought me thus far, the result not being to my appeal. For I have already given up so much of myself in that aspect.
I do not wish to deflect any feelings you might detect. For you I will respect in every aspect. I wonder and I ponder while I let my mind wander through flooded sheets lingering with hints of you. I should have known from traits shown that a cover would be blown, and the trail home a light shone.


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