Sit down stand up

I’m what you can call
A stand up guy.
Meaning I’m always stood up
Left standing here.
Alone, waiting, wondering.
Forgotten and let down,
I try not to frown.
All the while making jokes like a clown.
I try not to let it get me down.
But any day I could be found,
Below ground with no sound.
I’ve drowned in sorrow.
Unable to breathe,
I beg of you please.
Don’t let me down,
In this shameful town.
I know no better.
The ground becomes wetter,
As I turn light as a feather.
I ponder weather or not you,
You mean what you say.
Or if I am to pay,
For the wrongs I’ve committed,
In the absence of repentance.
Maybe it’s time I start a new.
A new chapter full of laughter.
But I doubt her,
I doubt him,
I doubt all of them.
My only voice is here through this pen.
Is it really that easy,
To forget what you said?
Even with this life I have led,
Many would kill to give such,
Opportunities to the ones they loved.
All the while prayers,
To the man up stairs,
Go forever unheard.


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