Strained gains.

What do you do?
When another makes you feel stupid.
Do you blame it all on cupid,
Or do you sit sad and blue?
Cause I’m tired of being,
Shot down, put down, and dissed.
I wanna be picked up,
Held tight and missed.
Things like that fail to happen.
For the life I’ve set in front of me.
I never asked much,
Just to be shown your feelings.
Through the power of your touch,
I’m loosing my clutch.
I guess I may be a bit much.
But you’ve known that from the cusp.
I’m growing done with trying,
And these strange feelings of crying.
I don’t know what to do,
So I choke on my smoke.
It helps to numb the pain.
Cause when I sit and think about it,
Thoughts get crowded,
Eyes get clouded.
So imma sit right here,
And wait for you to talk about it..


Every time I feel a vibration , I make the motion to search for your mention. All to be let down. I sit with a frown, feeling like a disregarded clown. Far from you in another part of town. I lie and drown how many times must I try to you leaving me unnoticed. Just once I wish to bear witness to your words I’m full effect. Affected and neglected I feel by your regection of my feelings of affection. I try and I try as time goes by Flys by off the grid ever so sly. I fried I tripped I drunk and I stunk. All by your side always trying to abide and decide how to make you happy. The way you get while laughing it’s so distracting. I loose grasp of reality while I’m observing you mentally. Is it really so much to ask for you to show me how you feel about me. Face to face bass to bass. I know if we come together we can make it through any weather. But in order to change the weather, you’ve got to change the climate. And it’s too cold for my liking. You just bail, I feel ready for another jail.

Ignorance and Apathy

I may not be the smartest man.
But my ignorance has helped me devise a plan.
I may not be wealthy with materials a plenty.
But for your love I’ll drink the oceans empty.
I may go unheard if my appearance is absurd.
But with a elephant reiterating a psalm, I think I can sing my song.
I may not get far on the road that I choose.
But with you by my side I know I can’t loose.
I may smoke a little here, and well a lot over there.
But where ever you may be, you’ll never find a man as sweet as me.
I may do anything to make you smile, right up to a mile.
But little lady, if all you say is maybe.
I may end up in somebody else’s gravy. But I promise I won’t join the navy.

Customer service.

I spend a lot of my time Interacting with people. Whether it be behind a register or in front of a pizza oven. Trying to call their orders. We don’t charge extra, no need for your quarters. Some can’t read a sign, put there by design, to keep them abreast. We all try to do our best.
There is a large percentage among the rest, that really puts our limits to the test. That guy on his cellphone waving his hand at you, shouting orders. The morbidly obese and their trademark “with everything”. The people who have no idea what they’re doing in life who tell you, “you choose for me” and then tell you no I don’t want that or that. Mother fucker you said choose for you, I chose, bon appetite. When did we forget that manners are what makes the shitty pay and the horrid hours bearable. The gluten frees and their “alergies”. It’s called two generations of being subliminally fed whatever makes the cigar smoking, war mongering, CEO’s pockets bursting. You wanna know what the best part is?

We all voted for it, and swallowed it dry.