Customer service.

I spend a lot of my time Interacting with people. Whether it be behind a register or in front of a pizza oven. Trying to call their orders. We don’t charge extra, no need for your quarters. Some can’t read a sign, put there by design, to keep them abreast. We all try to do our best.
There is a large percentage among the rest, that really puts our limits to the test. That guy on his cellphone waving his hand at you, shouting orders. The morbidly obese and their trademark “with everything”. The people who have no idea what they’re doing in life who tell you, “you choose for me” and then tell you no I don’t want that or that. Mother fucker you said choose for you, I chose, bon appetite. When did we forget that manners are what makes the shitty pay and the horrid hours bearable. The gluten frees and their “alergies”. It’s called two generations of being subliminally fed whatever makes the cigar smoking, war mongering, CEO’s pockets bursting. You wanna know what the best part is?

We all voted for it, and swallowed it dry.


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