Every time I feel a vibration , I make the motion to search for your mention. All to be let down. I sit with a frown, feeling like a disregarded clown. Far from you in another part of town. I lie and drown how many times must I try to you leaving me unnoticed. Just once I wish to bear witness to your words I’m full effect. Affected and neglected I feel by your regection of my feelings of affection. I try and I try as time goes by Flys by off the grid ever so sly. I fried I tripped I drunk and I stunk. All by your side always trying to abide and decide how to make you happy. The way you get while laughing it’s so distracting. I loose grasp of reality while I’m observing you mentally. Is it really so much to ask for you to show me how you feel about me. Face to face bass to bass. I know if we come together we can make it through any weather. But in order to change the weather, you’ve got to change the climate. And it’s too cold for my liking. You just bail, I feel ready for another jail.

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