Strained gains.

What do you do?
When another makes you feel stupid.
Do you blame it all on cupid,
Or do you sit sad and blue?
Cause I’m tired of being,
Shot down, put down, and dissed.
I wanna be picked up,
Held tight and missed.
Things like that fail to happen.
For the life I’ve set in front of me.
I never asked much,
Just to be shown your feelings.
Through the power of your touch,
I’m loosing my clutch.
I guess I may be a bit much.
But you’ve known that from the cusp.
I’m growing done with trying,
And these strange feelings of crying.
I don’t know what to do,
So I choke on my smoke.
It helps to numb the pain.
Cause when I sit and think about it,
Thoughts get crowded,
Eyes get clouded.
So imma sit right here,
And wait for you to talk about it..

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