I have no doubt of my feelings toward you. If I could shout, your name to the heavens, I’d scream at eleven. No decibel can measure, the pleasure to be by your side.
           Your touch is the slide of an electric guitar, howling under the moon, hoping to see you again soon. You’re a deadly flower so beautifully in bloom. Taken my heart from its somber tomb. Your kiss of death has soothed my wounds.
           Tu eres la Morena de mi corazon. So many things I can’t wait for you to be shown. If I had a cover, by now it’d be long gone. God damn these feelings are strong. Turkish coffee accompanied by a spliff of Moroccan hashish strong.
            I can see me and you, growing on a farm. A patch of wisdom, a field of love, a marsh of leftwing ideals, an Orchard of culture, and a lake of fire, where we burn our fears.
           So come near my dear. By my side, your fears will soon dissappear. I could be a queer, but for you I’m straight as a steer. Meat I promise to stand clear. So the future idren can persevere.

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