Without God on Our Side

My name it means nothing
My race it means less
The country I live in
Is called the U.S.
I was roughed up and taught there
Strange laws to abide
And that the land that I live in
Has lost God from its side

The history books tell it
They tell it so well
The trade ships shored
The Africans enslaved
With manifest destiny
The Indians were slayed
Their armies marched
And their opponents died
The country was dumb then
Without God on its side

The Russian – American
Was had its day
Vietnam too
Was soon laid to waste
The names of the victims
I’ve sought to memorize
Chemicals in their bodies
With God on their side

Desert Storm, too boys
It closed our fate
Their reasons for fighting
Only of greed and to hate
I will never accept it
I dissent with pride
For you remember the dead
Without God on their side

The invasion of Islam
Has still to find its end
They freed the kurds
And tried to give them land
A murdered three hundred thousand
Gassed outside with pride
And now with autonomy
The kurds now too
Have God on their side

They’ve said to hate Muslims
Throughout my whole life
‘Said their oil we needed
A pseudo democracy’s shattered
And the innocent die
If another war starts
It’ll end the human race
And they won’t stop their pace
With God on their side

Now we’ve got weapons
Of nuclear death
If fire them we must
It’ll be our last breath
One push of a button
The means to an end
The whole world will know then
If we’ve got God on our side

Through many witching hour
My mind has succumbed
A New World Order
I’ve come to confess
I won’t think for you
You’ll have to decide
To hang the politicians
Or fight amongst them
With God on your side

So as I lay breathing
In this chemical hell
The thoughts that I’m thinking
I’ve now gotten to tell
The world is sinking
I hope the bombs don’t fall
To those who survive
You’ll have God on your side

So hear what I ask you
Hear it so well
Stand up and fight
With no violence in sight
Hold firm and stand strong
Together we all belong
For if God’s on our side
Well stop us from war

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