Wet eyed observing the struggle and the hurting. Searching for reasons for this humanitarian treason. What is it about man that makes him feel so superlative in his ignorance, is it his lack of empathy for something he cannot be, or is he just full of envy and frustrated sexually? Why must man take what is not his, assault when he is at fault, and abuse just to feel a ruse. When did morality and compassion become replaced by brutality and oppression? When did our gender begin to define our splendor? Where did we become separated from one another and knocked out of synchronization? Is it the fact that in our society, the woman is worth less than a man, or the fact that the powers that be have the means to keep us blinded and bound to where we can’t make a sound? Is it the dick between his legs, or the dick within his mind telling him to fuck everything and anything for capital gain? Why is it so hard to refrain from purposely causing pain, in the search of personal gain? Is it capitalism, consumerism, religion, or just some disgusting decision, to violate something that brought you into this world. Not only did a woman breathe life into man, nurture man, love and cherish man, but she is man, she is woman, she is life. Who is man to decide what a woman can and can’t do, be or can’t be. Without them there is no us, with out us there is no them. We are all in this together, this is our mess to clean up. This is our image of society that needs shaping up. This is our problem, and collectively we are the solution. Set aside your differences, your faith, your political preference, and your greed. I beg all of you please, not just to appease, but to understand the needs, and see it the means, not to an end, but a new beginning. A beginning to the end of sexism, racism, and separation. 

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