Hey Uncle Sam

Can you withstand,
My masterplan?
Like a roaring tsunami,
From Japan.
Can I go too far?
Yes I can.
I don’t really like drinking,
At bars.
Or sweet and chocolaty
Candy bars.
I’m not a fan of people,
Who worship,
Under a steeple.
I believe in climate change,
And warming globally.
Although to some people,
It goes almost unnoticeably.
They say we drive too many cars.
And that CO2 is the main cause.
Our cars are bad,
And yes that is true.
But to eat meat,
Much more is held to you.
For the agrobusiness industry.
Is a business of misery.
Living creatures as a
Just to run an economy.
And the amount of pollution, out into the sea.
Things have gotten so bad
It’s killing off the bees.
So I beg of you,
Mr. Politician man please,
Do something about their tyrannical greed.